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Empower your brokers to fix more, faster

Help your brokers fix more business with an email client designed for shipping together with a host of products upgrading your market intelligence and strengthening cross-desk collaboration.

Market speed

No more email overload: save hours every day and focus on high-value tasks.

Fully cover your key markets

See all ships and cargoes with a few clicks and never miss a fixing opportunity.

Better inform your clients

Immediately visualise supply & demand trends to proactively advise your principals.

Increase information flows

Break information silos between desks and offices, with collaborative shipping tools.

Fewer manual workflows

Shipfix automates low-value tasks, including making tonnage lists. Spend more time fixing.

Enhance Market Intelligence

Shipfix's unique cargo and tonnage dataset gives you a data-driven negotiating position.

Find all market opportunities to better advise your principals

Shipfix drives your digital transformation

Ensure that your brokers never miss an opportunity, turn reactivity to proactivity, and better advise your principles. Shipfix's unique dataset gives unparalleled insights into supply and demand trends.

Smart inbox built for shipping

Our Smart Inbox drastically increases efficiencies across teams. Shipfix’s Smart Shipping Filters, structures your emails into dynamic lists according to your key loading or delivery areas. Leverage a multitude of new inbox functionalities designed for global broking teams.

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Live, automated & synced Tonnage, Cargo & Fixture screens

Emails across your organisation feed directly into Shipfix market screens. Automatic de-duplication of market circulars reduces email overload, increasing your team's accuracy and productivity.  With live market screens you should never miss a ship or a cargo again.

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Supply and demand insights from Shipfix's unique dataset

Visualise supply and demand insights for your key markets, to better inform your clients of their negotiating position. Keep your finger on the pulse of market movements by leveraging Shipfix's unique insights, relying less on sentiment and more on data-driven facts.

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Interactive Maps - Vessel & Cargo Tracking

Shine a light on opaque markets. Monitor global vessels using satellite data (AIS) combined with key data from your email communications. Visualise cargo propensity heatmaps to easily find other candidates that you may not have been sent.

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Collaborative tools to break information silos

Teamwork tools designed for shipping run throughout the platform, enabling information to flow throughout your teams and across oceans. Collaboration tools empower brokers to work better as unified team, facilitating them to react faster and to more accurately advise their principals.

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Voyage Estimator & Distance Calculator

Shipfix’s Voyage Estimator lets you make quick and accurate calculations to compare candidates or cargoes for your principals. Shipfix automates data entry, leverages our substantial port, vessel and bunker directories. Our distance calculator gives users accurate distances between ports, with routing optionality, (S)ECA & piracy zones, and built-in weather adjustments aid to help users make accurate estimations.

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Vessel, Port, Bunker & People Directories

Shipfix's leading shipping directories cover port, vessel, company and bunker hubs. Directories are linked directly to the key data points in your emails, giving you all the relevant information you need to fix a ship or cargo.

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Shipfix provides our brokers with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that’s extremely easy to set-up and use. We're enjoying our newfound ability to receive live-alerts of new business that meet the requirements of our clients, speeding up our day-to-day.

Isidora N. Theotoka


Managing Director

Isidora N. Theotoka

We save loads of time on a daily basis using Shipfix. The speed and responsiveness of the platform empowers our team to fix more, faster. It's also helped us grow, as new joiners are able to get up to speed more quickly using Shipfix.

Augustin Carron


President of Shipbrokerage

Augustin Carron

Trusted by leading market players


AI-driven market intelligence and collaborative workflow tools empower chartering and operations teams from pre-fixture to post-fixture. Stay ahead of your competition by having a live view of market movements at your fingertips.

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Shipbroking tools with a new level of market speed and intelligence. Visualise market dynamics and spot fixable opportunities for your principals within a few clicks. Share critical market insights to refine your competitive edge.

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Maintain a clear view of all internal and external communications, easily visualise your workload and that of your team, and leverage a wealth of operational information stored in Shipfix’s vast port, vessel and company directories.

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Our Market Intelligence Solutions


Leverage Shipfix's unique datasets and data visualisation tools to enhance your chartering decision-making and freight trading strategies.

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Financial Markets & Trading

Analyse cargo data to generate trading signals for commodities. Develop leading indicators regarding macroeconomic conditions.

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