Shipfix Mail

The email solution designed
for trading & operations

Shipfix simplifies trading workflows
and links together fragmented data

Smart shipping filters

Leverage over 200 cargo and tonnage filters and set up multiple inbox tabs to focus on various markets. Cut through the noise and only read the emails relevant to your business.

Collaborative tools

Teamwork tools designed for global teams; align colleagues with your work, tag people or teams, share smart tabs, leave notes on ports or ships in the Shipfix directories, shared jobs & teamwork workflows and more.

Automatic email categorisation

Our AI automatically organises emails by content or type for easy processing; cargo orders, tonnage circulars, operations, market reports, fixture recaps and more.

Smart tagging & foldering

Shipfix smart tagging and foldering, suggests recommended tags for you to use, to make you organised. Not longer do you need to use multiple complicated folder rules to stay organised.

Unlimited storage

Shipfix provides unlimited mailbox storage and enables lightning fast search and filtering. There's no downtime or need to delete old messages to accommodate new emails.

Enrich your emails with links to our directories

Shipfix automatically recognises companies, contacts, ports, and vessel characteristics in your emails and allows you to drill into those data points with links to our Shipfix directories.

Data security is our priority

Shipfix is the only platform in the industry designed to provide the highest level of protection for your sensitive personal and commercial data. Shipfix is ISO-certified for security and data privacy (ISO 27001 and ISO 27701).

We are trusted by many of the largest private and listed companies in the industry including shipowners, charterers and traders that operate in regulated markets.

Features that suit your needs

Set follow-up reminders

Schedule an email to send later

Actions on multiple emails

Preview online attachments

Use smart search

Search by date

Notifications on specific emails

Drag and drop files

Bookmark your emails

Recall sent emails

Live teamwork updates

Automated tagging by rules

Shipfix Mail


Shipfix have helped us on our digitalisation path with our goal of becoming truly cloud-based. Since the whole company changed to Shipfix’s e-mail platform we can now work seamlessly around a single e-mail across departments and/or offices globally. And as a bonus we’ve been able to use fewer systems in our portfolio as we’ve consolidated two systems for the commercial team without loosing out on functionality.

Oskar Fabricius



Oskar Fabricius

Since Jan 2021 our Operations and Chartering teams have been enthusiastically using Shipfix. Our team members work smarter and collaborate much more efficiently which has been key to our performance and growth. Shipfix continues to release fantastic new tools and it's a real pleasure working with them.

Andre Garcia


Managing Partner

Andre Garcia

Shipfix is without a doubt the most cutting-edge software for maritime professionals. With Shipfix, I can truly work from anywhere with all the information I need at my fingertips - I'm no longer 'chained to my desk'!

Nagy Moomen



Nagy Moomen

Shipfix was very easy to set up, we simply added our email accounts like you would add a mailbox to your iPhone. There was zero disruption to our other core setups.

Jacob Uldal Christiansen



 Jacob Uldal Christiansen

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