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Shipfix is pioneering data transformation within the maritime and trade sectors, connecting and cleaning a multitude of unstructured datasets. Powerful AI tools enhance user’s market intelligence and collaborative functionalities speed up the flow of market intelligence between users, enabling teams to make better decisions, faster.

Supply & Demand insights

Visualise forward demand and supply dynamics to keep your finger on market's pulse.

Bird's-eye view of communications

A holistic view of all your market opportunities in real time, including analytical tracking tools.

A new and unique dataset

Compare forward cargoes to open ships, rather than simply analysing past trends.

Broad coverage

Over 400 commodities covered, and simplified into 18 main commodity groupings.

Convenient delivery format

The data is updated daily and can be delivered by API, JSON or CSV.

Independent Community Model

Shipfix is an independent data company, leveraging data from across our userbase.

Shipfix simultaneously increases market intelligence and information flow

Artificial intelligence tools, combined with a host of collaborative functionalities, empower companies to seamlessly share market intelligence across their organisation.

Due to the volatile nature of shipping markets, no matter if you're a shipowner, trader or broker, quickly sharing market intelligence across desks and offices is critical to finding your market edge. Our collaborative features, give individual users the ability to move faster with greater accuracy - and, most crucially, as one unified global team.

Powerful teamwork functionality built for chartering and operations teams combines with Shipfix's unique market intelligence tools, empowering charterers and brokers to seize market opportunities and gain a new competitive advantage.

A new level of market intelligence

A Key Advantage Over Traditional Shipping Datasets

Shipfix's cargo and tonnage data vs traditional maritime datasets

The usefulness of traditional trade flow datasets in tramp shipping is short-lived owing to the fast-moving and volatile nature of shipping markets.

Dynamics shift before traditional trade flow data has even been released, often rendering these datasets useless for chartering decision-making.  

Artificial intelligence gives a new measure of 'Demand for Tonnage'

Shipfix’s proprietary cargo orders dataset, trumps traditional trade flows data, by providing clarity over the volumes of commodities due to be shipped, rather than reflecting past flows.

Shipfix's artificial intelligence, recognises the key information contained in circulars across emails coming from our community of users. The AI extracts the key market data points, structuring the data so it is easily filterable by different cargo or tonnage parameters.

Market clarity over demand and supply trends

Aggregated and anonymised market data from across our community of users, gives  a near complete bird's-eye view over the spot market.

Shipfix cargo orders, built from deduplicated voyage and TCT orders can be leveraged as a leading indicator for the demand for tonnage.

On the tonnage side we overlay tonnage circulators and satellite (AIS) data, enabling users to see every ship & cargo in the market.

The powerful combination of cargo orders and global tonnage supply, gives users a unique insight into forward demand and supply market dynamics.

Market intelligence combined with market leading shipping collaboration tools

How much of the market are you covering?

Cover the market with a powerful combination of your tonnage circulars combined with AIS data. Compare the business offers that have been sent to you with what has been sent to all Shipfix contributors, discovering how much of the spot market you are actually seeing.

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Ships vs Cargoes - Supply and Demand Analytics

Shipfix cargo order data fills in the long missing demand-side of the equation, as traditional trade flow data is only available after the market has moved. Use Shipfix to find your market edge and strengthen your negotiating position.

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Find emerging trade routes and new triangulation opportunities

Shipfix's unique dataset gives you a window into the future direction of trade flows. Discover new trade routes or triangulation opportunities which you previously thought impossible.

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Trade FFAs leveraging Shipfix data

Aggregated and anonymised cargo order data provide a unique forward view of dry bulk trade flows. Shipfix puts supply and demand together giving unique insights into the forward movement of freight markets.

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Our Market Intelligence Solutions


Leverage Shipfix's unique datasets and data visualisation tools to enhance your chartering decision-making and freight trading strategies.

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Financial Markets & Trading

Analyse cargo data to generate trading signals for commodities. Develop leading indicators regarding macroeconomic conditions.

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Trusted by leading market players


AI-driven market intelligence and collaborative workflow tools empower chartering and operations teams from pre-fixture to post-fixture. Stay ahead of your competition by having a live view of market movements at your fingertips.

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Shipbroking tools with a new level of market speed and intelligence. Visualise market dynamics and spot fixable opportunities for your principals within a few clicks. Share critical market insights to refine your competitive edge.

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Maintain a clear view of all internal and external communications, easily visualise your workload and that of your team, and leverage a wealth of operational information stored in Shipfix’s vast port, vessel and company directories.

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