Interactive Maps with Cargo and Vessel Intelligence

An unprecedented visual overlay of your live market data with vessel tracking (AIS)

Cargo heat maps

Automatically visualise your cargo orders geographically with heat maps. Filter by specific cargo details including cargo type, account, loading and discharge regions or laycan.

Track the global fleet

Monitor the movements of your fleet as well as that of your competitors. See all the vessels that have been advertised to you as well as those that haven’t and could still be suitable candidates.

Voyage intelligence

View and monitor the movements of the global fleet. See detailed information regarding a ship’s port calls, other stoppages and cargo history. Draw your own polygons to monitor ballast patterns and the live bearings of ships.

Cover the market

Use smart shipping filters and search by each particular vessel to find all suitable tonnage candidates. Shipfix maps give a complete picture of supply dynamics combining tonnage circulars with AIS data.

Distance calculator

Shipfix’s distance calculator connects global ports together giving users accurate distances between ports. Routing optionality and built in weather adjustment aids users ability to estimate accurately and maps are overlaid with key chartering data including (S)ECA, Piracy zones.

Voyage estimator

Shipfix’s Voyage Estimator let you make quick, accurate calculations for your voyage market activities. Shipfix automates data entry, leveraging our substantial port, vessel and bunker directories. Vessel consumption data and bunkers fields populate automatically to help save time. The estimator is packed with smart functionality including the ability to compare calculations on multiple ships simultaneously.

Perform daily workflows from our collaborative maps

Closely monitor and track the global fleet & cargo movements leveraging satellite data (AIS) combined with cargo orders and your tonnage circulars.

Features that make maps productive

Over 100 smart ship filters

Fleet management logic

Shareable tabs

Satellite view

Draw custom polygons

Export up to 1000 ships/cargoes

Distance calculation

Bunker prices: Live, forward, history

Live teamwork updates

Shipfix Maps & Tracking


Shipfix provides our brokers with a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that’s extremely easy to set-up and use. We're enjoying our newfound ability to receive live-alerts of new business that meet the requirements of our clients, speeding up our day-to-day.

Isidora N. Theotoka


Managing Director

Isidora N. Theotoka

For years we had to pay for multiple and manage systems for Emails, Tonnage lists, Vessel, Port and Bunker Directories, Maps and Internal Chats. Shipfix delivers one centralised platform for all these needs.

Gregory Brion



 Gregory Brion

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AI-driven market intelligence and collaborative workflow tools empower chartering and operations teams from pre-fixture to post-fixture. Stay ahead of your competition by having a live view of market movements at your fingertips.

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