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Collaborative chartering workflows with a new level of market intelligence

Whether you're an owner, charterer or operator, Shipfix gives you the tools to make better informed decisions, faster. Transform your business and find your market 'edge' by turning email data into a competitive advantage.

Market Speed

No more email overload: save hours every day and focus on high-value tasks.

Cover the Market

A holistic view of all your market opportunities in real time.

Workflows Productivity

Cut through the unwanted noise of unstructured market circulars.


Break information silos between teams, so that no ship or cargo is left unseen.

Information Flow

Transparent workflow for chartering and ops teams from pre to post-fixture.

Market Intelligence

Leverage Shipfix's unique market intelligence tools to fix smarter.

Find the best opportunities on the market

Shipfix drives your digital transformation

Shipfix gives chartering professionals the tools to make better informed decisions and to move faster.  Find your market edge in highly volatile shipping markets, by turning your email data into a competitive advantage.

The shipping email solution

Plug multiple inboxes directly into Shipfix’s platform and use Smart Shipping Filters, to structure emails into dynamic lists. Leverage a multitude of collaborative email functionality designed specifically for global shipping teams. Bring speed, simplicity and clarity to your communications.

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Live cargo & tonnage screens

Emails from your organisation feed directly into Shipfix market screens. Automatic de-duplication of market circulars reduces email overload, improving your team's accuracy and productivity.  With live market screens you should never miss a ship or a cargo again.

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Collaborative tools break silos

Teamwork tools designed for shipping animate our email and market screen modules, enabling information to flow through-out your organisation and across the oceans. Align colleagues with what you're working on via shared smart tags, collaborative notes on ports and ships, shared jobs & workflows and more.

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Interactive Maps - Vessel & Cargo Tracking

Monitor global fleet & cargo movements using satellite data (AIS) combined with key data from your email communications.

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Data insights to give your team a market edge

Unique market intelligence leveraged from a birds eye view of your email data combined with satellite (AIS) data. Shipfix's community model gives users clarity over of what is moving in the spot market, so that you can better cover the market and develop new business.

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Work faster with smart searches across multiple Directories.

Shipfix leading shipping directories cover port, vessel, company and bunker hubs. Directories are linked directly to the key data points in your emails, giving you all the relevant information you need to fix a ship or cargo.

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Distance Calculator

Shipfix’s distance calculator connects global ports together giving users accurate distances between ports. Routing optionality and built in weather adjustment aids users ability to estimate accurately and maps are overlaid with key chartering data including (S)ECA, Piracy zones.

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Voyage Estimator

Shipfix’s Voyage Estimator enables you to make quick and accurate calculations for your voyage market activities. Shipfix automates data entry, leveraging Shipfix’s substantial port, vessel and bunker directories. Vessel consumption data and bunkers fields populate automatically saving time. The estimator is packed with smart functionality including the ability to compare calculations on multiple ships simultaneously.

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We partnered with Shipfix to better service our global trading teams, enabling NORDEN to create and deliver even more value to our customers. The platform not only connects our many offices across the globe, but also produces valuable data that further improves our decision making.

Christian Vinther Christensen


COO and Head of Freight Services & Trading

Christian Vinther Christensen

We love Shipfix and highly recommend it to our peers regularly. The speed at which they develop the platform, release new things and present new ideas for our benefit, is extremely impressive. We gain great efficiency as well as a clearer and more immediate view of the market with Shipfix.

Kim Holberg Pihl


Founder & CEO

Kim Holberg Pihl

I save at least about 3 hours a day by using Shipfix's market-focused mail client to zoom in on relevant market orders. I no longer spend hours searching for pertinent market information in my email messages. Shipfix Mail enables me to work smarter and more efficiently which leaves more time to focus on a wider variety of commercial and management activities.

Sencer Sahinkaya

IBULK Group of Companies

Managing Director

Sencer Sahinkaya

Shipfix is without a doubt the most cutting-edge software for maritime professionals. With Shipfix, I can truly work from anywhere with all the information I need at my fingertips - I'm no longer 'chained to my desk'!

Nagy Moomen



Nagy Moomen

Thanks to Shipfix Mail we have been able to streamline our workflows across our chartering and operations teams. Daily work has become more efficient within the teams and communication has become easier and better structured between the teams with Shipfix's one-stop shop solution. Shipfix is a long-term strategic technology partner who will be instrumental in helping us grow as a company.

Jeremy Bryan



Jeremy Bryan

Shipfix is the next generation cloud based shipping platform for chartering and operations teams. Their innovative solution to email volume and data integration, provides tools to better analyse and act on commercial data. Their team's approach to our feedback is enlightening.

Struan Ridgwell


Senior Chartering Manager

Struan Ridgwell

Trusted by leading market players


AI-driven market intelligence and collaborative workflow tools empower chartering and operations teams from pre-fixture to post-fixture. Stay ahead of your competition by having a live view of market movements at your fingertips.

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Shipbroking tools with a new level of market speed and intelligence. Visualise market dynamics and spot fixable opportunities for your principals within a few clicks. Share critical market insights to refine your competitive edge.

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Maintain a clear view of all internal and external communications, easily visualise your workload and that of your team, and leverage a wealth of operational information stored in Shipfix’s vast port, vessel and company directories.

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Our Market Intelligence Solutions


Leverage Shipfix's unique datasets and data visualisation tools to enhance your chartering decision-making and freight trading strategies.

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Financial Markets & Trading

Analyse cargo data to generate trading signals for commodities. Develop leading indicators regarding macroeconomic conditions.

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