A clear mission statement

Shipfix is more than just a SaaS and DaaS provider. Our vision is to enhance the communication channels used by the maritime and trading industries to restore the powerful community spirit that drove trade for centuries. We are changing the way the industry works through our established network of market-leading clients.

We believe that technology is a powerful economic accelerator

When it is harnessed to challenge legacy business practices and solve real challenges faced by traders, charterers, shipowners, brokers and other intermediaries. At Shipfix, we focus on disrupting aspects of the business where we know we can create value for this professional community, iterating humbly but quickly thanks to the precious feedback of the Shipfix community.

Our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance matters (ESG)

As a market-leading workflow and data solution provider for decision-making teams globally, we believe we have a key responsibility to encourage and enable better commercial and operational decisions. By doing so, we contribute to making the industry more sustainable and inspiring for coming generations. This includes cleaner shipping and trading choices by allowing users to identify cleaner vessels, as well as by promoting more transparency around embargo broaches, inspections, certificates, ITF compliance and crew welfare. We combine our own in-house features with strategic third-party integrations such those with Vertis and RightShip, putting the relevant information into our users' hands.

The rewards of contributing to a global dataset

Shipfix users include some of the world's top operators, traders, charterers and brokers. The community model has enabled us to deliver on three important items.

Produce unique data insights

Our unique market insights feature an unprecedented daily flow of information such as our anonymised and aggregated indicators for tonnage and orders globally.
Insights that until recently were unattainable for the industry and can only be compiled by the market presence of a truly independent and well trusted data company.

Iterate and continuously
improve our product

Our product is constantly evolving and our value proposition strengthening. Our customers use the most advanced shipping filters across their inbox, tonnage & orders screens. Modules are now fully integrated with the most detailed shipping directories in the market, featuring vessels, ports, people, companies and bunkers.

Empower our customers

In producing such unique insights on shipping market dynamics, we have validated the power of our Shipfix Community to deliver insights that are on a level that no-one else has managed so far. Our community approach is founded on the belief that Shipfix's community solutions can ultimately accelerate the growth of global trade.

Our mission runs in our code, our service delivery, and our veins

Shipfix is a human organisation that draws together top-tier professionals from the maritime and trade sectors, data scientists, designers, and software engineers. We are all bound by a passion for our cause and the impact we can have on this key global industry. We believe in velocity, fast iterations and a humble yet steep learning curve. This winning mindset and our factual track record of delivering on our roadmap have helped us earn the trust of some of the largest players in the industry.

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AI-driven market intelligence and collaborative workflow tools empower chartering and operations teams from pre-fixture to post-fixture. Stay ahead of your competition by having a live view of market movements at your fingertips.

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Shipbroking tools with a new level of market speed and intelligence. Visualise market dynamics and spot fixable opportunities for your principals within a few clicks. Share critical market insights to refine your competitive edge.

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Maintain a clear view of all internal and external communications, easily visualise your workload and that of your team, and leverage a wealth of operational information stored in Shipfix’s vast port, vessel and company directories.

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Leverage Shipfix's unique datasets and data visualisation tools to enhance your chartering decision-making and freight trading strategies.

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Analyse cargo data to generate trading signals for commodities. Develop leading indicators regarding macroeconomic conditions.

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