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Shipfix - Vertis integration to support maritime clients in their journey to zero emissions

London, February, 2023‍. Shipfix Technologies S.A.S (“Shipfix”), the independent collaborative platform and data community for the maritime and trade sectors, has announced a partnership with Vertis Environmental Finance Ltd (“Vertis”), a pioneer in emissions trading. 

Present in the emissions trading market since 2001 with a consolidated team specialised in the shipping industry, Vertis will provide Shipfix’s clients with access to the high quality offsetts to address their climate ambitions, as well as other market-based mechanisms to meet their future environmental compliance requirements under the EU ETS and other obligatory schemes.

The partnership between Vertis and Shipfix will allow shipping companies to access carbon markets insights and prices provided by Vertis through their Shipfix environment. 

By embedding emissions and carbon offsetting data into the Shipfix workflows such as the Voyage Estimator, both companies aim to facilitate the adoption of low emitting practices in the maritime transport sector, as well as support clients in meeting the increasingly demanding regulatory requirements of IMO, the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index and the European Emission Trading Scheme.

Gauthier Bily – Deputy CEO Vertis Environmental Finance

“The environmental impact of the maritime industry is in the spotlight of the authorities and the general public. Combining Vertis expertise in carbon markets and the technological development of Shipfix, players in the shipping sector will reach their decarbonization targets in an easier and cost-effective way.”

Antoine Grisay, Shipfix Co-founder and Co-CEO

“Shipfix takes great pride in this joint mission with Vertis to deliver on our promise to contribute materially to cleaner shipping. We are pleased to start working together on a solution for which client demand grows each week, as well as promoting market awareness on this vital topic for the industry”.

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