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RightShip partners with Shipfix to enable safe and sustainable maritime freight choices

Shipfix Technologies S.A.S (“Shipfix”), a software, data, and technology startup for maritime and commodities markets, today announced a partnership with RightShip, the world’s biggest maritime due diligence organisation.

This new pairing will provide an opportunity for Shipfix users to access live RightShip data, allowing them to share in the organisation’s expertise in global safety, sustainability, and social responsibility practices and enabling them to embark on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) journey.


Customers will be able to make more informed decisions throughout their trading and operations workflows on Shipfix - a system that supports users by aggregating and anonymising tonnage and cargo order intentions prior to physical trade flows.


RightShip data available to Shipfix users will include:

  • RightShip’s GHG Rating - a systematic and transparent means of comparing the relative efficiency of the world’s shipping fleet based on a ship's CO2 emissions.
  • RightShip’s Safety Score - lifting maritime safety standards by focusing on a vessel's operational history over the last five years. It incorporates various maritime datasets and expert reviews into one easy to understand score, benchmarking each vessel against the world fleet for a full view of global maritime safety.
  • RightShip’s Inspections Status – assessing the quality of a ship by verifying crew familiarity and compliance with statutory and safety requirements, as well as industry recommendations and best practices, carried out by RightShip’s accredited independent expert inspectors.

At present, ‘fixing’ a ship or a cargo is aided by the Shipfix system’s ability to intuitively search through, and filter emails and other market data sources based on effective data intelligence – with RightShip’s feed adding a key new building block to this rich data ecosystem by providing visibility on the safety and emission performance of the vessels.


RightShip data will be overlaid on vessel position data in Shipfix’s vessel directory, and will be fully searchable and filterable across maps, tonnage and more. This powerful combination will enable customers to start to achieve their ESG goals, through management of environmental and safety risks.

“Our partnership with Shipfix will bring early visibility into the quality of tonnage at the pre-fixture stage, providing users with insights that enable them to make safe and sustainable freight choices. Collaborating and partnering with platforms like Shipfix is another step towards a zero-harm maritime industry and net carbon reduction and reaffirms our commitment to taking everybody along on our journey.”

Steen Brodsgaard Lund, RightShip CEO

“This strategic partnership supports our desire to promote sustainable chartering and trading across the industry, both from an environmental perspective but also the well-being of seafarers and shore-based operators. RightShip is one of the most trusted sources of information across the shipping markets and we are pleased to integrate them in our trading data and workflow ecosystem.”

Antoine Grisay, Shipfix Co-founder and Co-CEO


About Shipfix


Shipfix provides a data and community platform that drives chartering and operational efficiencies in the maritime and commodities markets. Shipfix provides unprecedented signals and analysis that can be applied to shipping, commodities and macro trading strategies. Our unique ability to aggregate and anonymise tonnage and cargo order intentions prior to the physical trade flows provides an early advantage in capturing market sentiment at the earliest point of the supply chain.


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About RightShip 


Established in 2001, RightShip is the world’s biggest third party maritime due diligence organisation, providing expertise in global safety, sustainability and social responsibility practices. Founded with the mission to drive operational improvements in the global shipping industry, more than 3,000 people use RightShip’s due diligence, environmental and inspections services to help them manage risk and improve overall maritime safety standards.

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+44 203 872 5900

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